About Us

B-TRADE is a new area of ​​activity of UAB Vigidas Pack – family business that has been successfully operating for more than two decades. Previously, the main area of ​​interest lay in the production of various types of industrial pallets.

Over time, our company discovered new areas: sale of lumber, wooden stakes, biofuels.

In 2016 we entered the Belarusian market and are currently actively interacting with it. We studied each of the stages of transactions at the OJSC Belarusian Universal Commodity Exchange and gained invaluable experience. And after three years of successful work, we thought: “If we can do this for ourselves, then why can’t we do the same for YOU?”

06/03/2019 we were accredited as a non-resident exchange broker. And so, the company B-TRADE was born, whose efforts are aimed at simplifying the process of exchange trading for new customers. Today we will tell you what we had to study for several years. Our advantage is that we are just like you. And we are ready to work for you as well as for ourselves.